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I am an illustrator living in Silver End (UK) where I gain much of my inspiration from the rural settings and the beautiful Essex landscape. I enjoy finding new ways of interpreting the beauty of flowers and the plant world.


Colouring Pages

Some of my colouring pages are available on Etsy and more will be added soon. 

See colouring pages on Etsy.

You can share work both work in progress and completed creations of any colouring pages available on Etsy on your social media as long as it is for private, not commercial use. Don't forget to mention where you got the colouring page from and what pens and pencils you used to colour them!

I currently spend most of my time working on a collection (I haven't got a name yet, suggestions are welcome!), originally inspired by one of the drawings I submitted for the Inktober 2017 initiative (Day 19, see here). I love combining pure, monochrome art with colours, so the picture for the Inktober entry naturally kept my mind playing with the idea of lines in colours of a particular object, which is drawn in full monochrome. How would sunflowers look like if every hue and shade of their substance was washed out from them? How many shades can a leafy foliage have?

I occasionally work on private commissions, contact me if you are interested.

Where can I buy your art?
See my Etsy shop

I retain copyrights to all my artwork, please be nice and don't steal.